Providing The World’s Most
Effective Anti-Ram Vehicle Barriers


Large-scale deployment of barriers on many roads, highways and interchanges made ease.

Critical Infrastructure

Secure Chemical, Commercial, Communications, Critical Manufacturing, Emergency Services and other critical sectors in your vicinity.

Festivals and Events

Counter terror and solutions to protect crowded events from ramming attacks.

Military bases

The second security layer for gates fences and perimeter military facilities.


Protecting sport fans, personnel and athletes from vehicular terror attacks and ramming incidents.

Storage solutions

Store all of your barrier units inside a

specially developed cabinet.

About Mifram Barriers

Mifram Security

Mifram security develops, plans and constructs a wide range of defensive products,
anti-terror protection, threat protection, fortifications, natural disasters, and project management solutions.

Mifram’s vehicle barricades and vehicle barrier systems combine protective, mechanical, and civil engineering with an emphasis placed on portability, modularity, and simple setup and operation.

The company is registered as an unlimited supplier and contractor with the Israeli Ministry of Defense and all government bodies (Approved Contractor), the United States Army, Air Force, and Navy, the Marines, the United Nations, and many others.

The only vehicle stopping barriers in the market that are qualified for all 4 certifications.


Mifram security's Vehicle Barriers 2019
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Mifram Security mobile vehicle barriers
MVB 3X The new Modular Vehicle Barrier
Modular Vehicle Barriers

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Our portable vehicle barriers

In every sector and industry

Crucial for security
  • Airports
  • Harbors and Seaports
  • Railway stations
  • sport events

These modular vehicle barricades are the airport security’s officer best friend. Protect the perimeter and quickly stop every type of vehicle.

Stay confident and in control of the perimeter of seaports and harbors. No unauthorized or ramming vehicle will pass beyond our modular vehicle barrier system.

Many enter and leave the city through the rail station and you want them to stay safe from any kind of ramming vehicle incidents. We built this car stopping barriers for their safety and your confidence.

When you are in charge of the security and safety of sports events you want all the participants to enjoy and stay protected from ramming vehicle incidents that became so common in the last decades.

3 excellent reasons to choose us

be ready at all time

Ramming attacks are on the rise


According to official data1, over the past decade, there have been nearly 100 cases of various vehicle-ramming incidents which caused to 192 deaths and more than 450 injuries among innocent civilians (according to nonofficial sources the number is much higher).

The data indicate that the phenomenon is spreading and therefore it is always important to be prepared and protected.

  1. List of vehicle ramming incidents and attacks

Solution that works. simply.


  • Approved for use and complies with international standards including ISO 9001.
  • Tested in cooperation with the IDF, the Ministry of Defense, and Home Front Command.
  • Used by US Army, US Air Force and various security forces around the world.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Easy and quick to deploy with no to minimum manpower and tools.

We lead the market


We lead the market of vehicle barriers for you to stay confident in your safety.

More than 20,000 barriers were already delivered and easily deployed on 5 continents to protect civilians and military personnel.

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