MVB II: Modular Vehicle Barrier

Terror attacks that we could avoid using the product:
In 2016: Columbus. In 2017: London, Charlottesville, Melbourne,  Barcelona, New York.
Easily Deployed by 1 agent with no special tools.

about MVB II

Modular anti-ramming barrier system that prevents vehicles  from breaking through restricted or events urban areas.

Patent Pending technology transfers momentum of vehicle to the ground and makes the barrier effective against wheel protection.

Light weight, portable and easy to deploy modular vehicle barriers.
Suitable for urban areas and hot zones.
A MUST-HAVE for every perimeter security professional.

Improved design which passed certificate tests.
Modular anti-ramming barrier system that stops vehicles.
Zero maintenance

Basic color: Yellow – adaptable as per client request

MVB II Features & Benefits
  • Light weight: only 27 kg (60 lbs.) per single unit
  • stops pickup trucks
  • One person install
  • One person to dismantle at the end of the job
  • One minute for each section to be connected
  • Assembled without the need of any tools
  • Folds for easy carrying
  • Easy to store
  • Complete modular system – Systems can be as short or as long as required
  • Certified by international standards
MVB II in the world
MVB II is installed worldwide to protect a variety of facilities, stadiums, festivals, events, military bases, hospitals and more.
Width8 cm [~3”]
Length110 cm [~43”]
Height88.5 cm [~35”]
Weight24 kg [~53 lbs.]

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    Features and benefits

    why us?
    • Flexible length
    • Simple setup
    • Cost-effective
    • Lightweight and compact

    Flexible length – individual barrier units fit together to suit varying vehicle and road sizes.

    Assembled in minutes, by 1 agent with no tools.

    Zero maintenance. Zero breakdowns.
    Designed for use on sandy, rocky, rough terrain, gravel and asphalt.

    Can be easily and quickly carried and switched from one location to another.
    Transportable by plane, helicopter, small pick-up truck, jeep, station wagon, boat, etc. Folds for easy and efficient storage.

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