MVB: Modular Vehicle Barrier

Terror attacks we could avoid using the product:
In 2016: Columbus. In 2017: London, Charlottesville, Melbourne, Barcelona, New York.
Deployed by: 1 agent with no tools.

MVB in the world

Tens of thousands of Units Deployed in Urban Areas and Combat Zones Worldwide Since 2003 – Used by Municipal police forces, Events operators, Militaries, Special Forces, etc.

  • United States Army, Navy and Marines
  • US police forces
  • FBI
  • Japanese Army and Police
  • Athens Olympics
  • Shipping companies around the globe
  • The IDF
  • The Prime Minister’s Office of Israel
  • Israel Airports Authority
about MVB

Its special design (L shaped) acts to block trucks and can stop vehicles by transferring the vehicles horizontal momentum to vertical momentum.

The barrier directs the momentum downwards into the ground in order to drastically reduce or terminate it forward momemtum.

The stopping distance and number of barriers needed for any weight and vehicle speed, are provided by Mifram security as part of its service.​​

An innovative pivot system allows the barrier to be used as a swing gate for vehicle inspection or allowing emergency service vehicles to move in or out of event areas.

Mifram security strives to achieve a stronger balance between portability and blocking ability in vehicle barriers.

This Non-lethal solution helps block trucks and vehicles and assists vehicular control – without destroying vehicle.
Effective against vehicles that have run-flat protection fitted – as opposed to spike systems.
​Stops ramming vehicles from breaking into restricted or events areas.

Width60 cm [~24”]
Length100 cm [~40”]
Height70 cm [~27.5”]
Weight20 kg [~44 lbs.]

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Features and benefits

why us?
  • Fast and Easy Assembly
  • Quickly and Easily Moved
  • modular

The barrier is built from easily assembled sections – anybody can assemble the barrier in just a few minutes without any special tools.

The MVB can easily be moved using a flat-bed vehicle, jeep, light truck, helicopter, plane & boat • Can be moved manually using specialized bags.

  • Carrying Case.
  • Vehicle penetration distance on asphalt can be reduced with ground anchors.
  • A specialized trailer for fast deployment can be supplied.
  • Basic color: Yellow – adaptable as per client request.
  • Pivot system (can use as a swing gate).
  • Safety lightings and signs.

Modularity enables blocking wide-ranging routes, widths and vehicle types:

  • Commercial and Private Vehicles
  • Light trucks
  • Tractors
  • Quad bikes, motor bikes, and ATV’s
  • Small Pack and Transport Animals
  • Also contributes to denying pedestrian access
  • etc

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