The MVB difference


Established in 1962, today Mifram Security is one of the world’s leading providers in the design, manufacture, and installation of physical perimeter security solutions. Mifram brings to the table accumulated a wealth of experience in its decades of dedicated service to its clients.

Mifram is a pioneering company, developing modular vehicle barrier systems since 2002. Over the last two decades, tens of thousands of barriers have been provided in many countries

Among our respected, satisfied clients are the US Armed Forces (Air force, Army, Navy, Marines), the Japanese Army, various police and special forces, port authorities, private security firms, Stadiums, Resorts, Power plants, Municipalities, road construction companies and more.

Comfortable deployment

Usually, deployments aren’t exactly known for being comfortable and fun. However, with Mifram barriers, you can make the deployment quicker and easier by using our advanced barrier solutions:

The lightweight barriers deployment benefits are:

  • assembly by one person.
  • disassembly by one person at the end of the job.
  • quick installation takes only a few minutes.
  • Not required tools.
  • Easy transportation.
  • Easy to store.
  • modular system – Systems can be as short or as long as required.

Miframs lightweight barriers save time, labor and logistics costs and make the workers happier.

Watch how easy the deployment

The semi-permanent vehicle barriers benefits are:

  • Doesn’t require any special infrastructure
  • Manual or Secure RF remote control operated
  • Quick and easy to assemble by forklift\ Crane truck

Better Performances

Using top of the line R&D, design, computer simulations, high-end iron materials, engineering, fabrication, and testing help us to produce the MVB Barriers collection over the past two decades.

We are putting greater emphasis on stopping the vehicles in a very short distance without debris for saving lives.

There is no other type of barrier with the same ratio of barrier weight and stopping distance.

The MVB stops literally in a shorter distance.

R&D Team

Perfect recipe – The right Ingredients that make a great product

1. Concept definition by a team of experts

Mifram R&D team has many years of experience in the development of anti ramming barriers systems.
The same team developed the first Mobile vehicle barrier in the world in the early 2000s.

2. simulations

All our barriers get simulated at advanced Research laboratories with Senior Researchers using High-end computers.

The computer simulations allow to our R&D team to find the best formula for a perfect product and providing to the client maximum protection needed with minimum estimations and assumptions.

Due to our continuous R&D simulations, MIFRAM SECURITY can also show the client premade simulations to help determine if they require a custom solution or can utilize one of the existing models.

These simulations reflect a huge amount of experience and know-how.

Work smarter not harder

Jersey barriers and concrete blocks required complex logistics and can not stop anything larger than a small car.
Using SUVs for blocking the road is not a good solution either because SUVs can not stop a truck.

What about Bollards? Bollards are the common solution, even though bollards are expensive, complicated to assemble, Require infrastructure coordination and civil works maintenance and infrastructures.

For those reasons, we developed the MVB barriers, the MVB barriers are portable, lightweight, easy to deploy and save lives.

Testing and certifications

For the final stage, We test the barriers at an recognized Barriers Certification Testing facility
Our barriers certified by all the international standards:

Peace of mind

In today’s world of growing terror threats, protecting the streets and assets has never been more challenging.

It’s always better to be prepared than surprised.

Don’t show the bad guys that you are vulnerable, use Mifram barriers and let them understand that you are one step ahead and they should not deal with you.

Be sure that you made the perfect choice for protecting your neighborhood, community and assets with the world’s most effective vehicle barriers.

Let our experts explain how to stop the next terror attack

Mifram Security develops, plans and constructs a wide range of defensive products, anti-terror protection, threat protection, fortifications, natural disasters and project management solutions

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